What is Counselling?

With life, comes struggles and this is where counselling can help. Counselling is a talking therapy where a trained professional will listen to you, try to understand you and do their upmost to support and guide you through troubling or difficult times in a safe and confidential setting. Often we are confused or struggling to understand ourselves and counselling can help to give a different point of view or perspective. A professional counsellor will be unbiased, authentic and honest. The counsellor will explain to you that anything that is discussed during counselling is treated with the highest confidentiality, making counselling a safe and secure environment to share what is bothering you or getting you down.

Counselling is a place for growth, learning and understanding ourselves better to help us live happier, more satisfying lives. It can be described as a journey and this journey may take a few weeks, a few months or can take longer. The length of counselling should be discussed with your counsellor and a mutual agreement made to suit your needs. There is no quick fix for emotional struggles and it can take time to understand them and overcome them. A professional counsellor’s job is to help you through this time, to put themselves in your shoes, experience what life is like for you, to understand you are the expert in your struggles and help you see options and changes to make which support you through this time. Much like holding a mirror up to you so that you can really see you.

Counselling, much like mentoring is about a relationship between counsellor and client. Building trust, respect and honesty. As in mentoring, it is about supporting you through times of difficulty and providing you a place to share, a place to express yourself and a place to grow to the best of your potential. Counselling can help to understand what it is that stops you from reaching this. Understanding what obstacles are in your way and how to overcome them.

Counselling can help to build confidence, self-esteem and self-belief. It can help to improve issues such as grief, self-harm, bullying, eating disorders, depression and stress to name a few. It can help to improve relationships and behaviour and help to live a happier more fulfilling life. Counselling is for people of all walks of life, for all ages and is a very useful experience to those who have been struggling in silence.

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