Our Values


Potential Youth Mentoring will be the most valued of all mentoring service providers in London.


Potential Youth Mentoring transforms the lives of young people by providing an environment in which caring adults can develop meaningful and trusting relationships with young people enabling each young person to make wiser emotional, spiritual and academic decisions.


Safety: Potential always holds the welfare and safety of each young person and the wider community in the highest regard.

Leadership: Potential Youth Mentoring regards each young person as a leader of their own destiny and sees its role as assistant, supporter and guide never director.

Tenacity: No crime, drug, academic failure or other short term set back will stop Potential Youth Mentoring from making every effort to assist each young person referred to us.

Professional: Our care programmes are devised and implemented by skilled and qualified professionals to coach young people towards fulfilling their potential.

Collaboration: Potential Youth Mentoring accepts that no single organisation can meet the needs of every young person. We actively collaborate with other organisations in an effort to ensure each young person gets what they need when they need it.

Holistic: Potential Youth Mentoring works with each young person on whichever area of their lives will benefit most – emotional, spiritual and/or academic.