Service Options

Potential provides a holistic service of interventions and support for young people and their families within the community. Individual programmes can be tailored according to their specific needs and statutory requirements.
Potential works with five to nineteen year olds considered to be exhibiting challenging behaviour; have low levels of confidence or self esteem; in need of support to work through difficult episodes in their lives. The project provides each child with a mentor for a minimum of 3 months, with an opportunity to continue for up to 12 months or more. During their time with Potential each young person will work towards specific targets that are mutually agreed between the young person, mentor and referrer. Any target set will be focused on creating stability and control, increasing motivation and a sense of self-worth within the young person.
Potential focuses on strengths, skills and goal achievement. This positive solution oriented approach leads to personal achievement and self belief in turn demonstrating the power of a committed relationship and how it can transform their future.